Who we are?

“Puckllay is a cultural association made up of committed art-educators and community managers who, from a playful and creative approach, start up artistic and pedagogical processes in conjunction with the community of Lomas de Carabayllo, in order to contribute in the integral development of children and adolescents, turning them into leaders and agents of change ”.


We work with the performing arts from the community developing and promoting artistic and human training programs. Our path is oriented to contribute to the construction of a more just, humane and inclusive society.


Puckllay is a participatory community artistic space for boys, girls, adolescents, young people and their families; in which they develop and strengthen skills and values that make them leaders who are protagonists of change in their community.

Our director

Anabelí Pajuelo Valdez was born in 1972 in Huancavelica Peru. She is the creator and director of Puckllay, and is also a member and producer of the independent theater group Ópalo. She is an Artist, producer and director of stage shows and cultural manager. She with experience in the management of cultural, artistic and educational institutions in community contexts; her and management and production of scenic and cultural festivals. ...

What we do?

Puckllay is committed to building a more humane, fair and integrated community and does so with the permanent and intensive practice of artistic activities and the implementation of art and development programs. The languages used are: theater, music, dance, circus and plastic arts.


For Puckllay, art is identity, memory, reaffirmation, resistance and joy. We work with art from and for the community, to contribute to the construction of a more humane, equitable, integrated and inclusive world. Working together with communities is key to defending our individual and collective value and safeguarding our history and identity. We believe in dreams because they are the fundamental engine to promote permanent and daily work towards the realization of our objectives.


Puckllay was born in 2004 in Lomas de Carabayllo from the execution of an intensive theater and dance workshop aimed at children and adolescents in the area by the artists Anabelí Pajuelo Valdez and Milagros Esquivel Roca. The final sample of the workshop was called Puckllay and it was so revealing that the artists decided to move on, summoned more artists and promoted the Puckllay school project. Between 2005 and 2009 the project was carried out in the same houses of the participants, on the sports grounds, streets, churches, police station, communal premises and the school in the area; During these same years, the project was winning prizes, financing and obtained alliances that allowed its consolidation.

Between 2009 and 2010, Puckllay is consolidated as a cultural association. It is a team now made up of Anabelí Pajuelo Valdez, Guillermo Vásquez Llanos and Pierr Padilla Vásquez, with the participation of the community and the support of the alliances achieved, a plot of land was acquired with a view to promoting the construction of the school to guarantee the strengthening and optimal training your participants. It is during this time that Puckllay is recognized as a cultural association by the Ministry of Culture of Peru and the project and its pedagogical proposal are consolidated as the Puckllay School of Art.

In 2010, the ART AND COMMUNITY FESTIVAL was created with the aim of putting the community of Lomas de Carabayllo on a platform to be able to decentralize art and culture activities and enhance the talent of the area’s population.

In 2011, the Puckllay Art School was chosen by the Ministry of Culture of Peru as one of the Pilot Projects of Points of Culture, to help lay the foundations to be able to insert the Law of Points of Culture in the Country. This same year, the Valladolid Provincial Council, through the Architects Without Borders Association, supported the start of the construction of the School. Which began to be built during that time with the participation of the community and the support of alliances such as the Andrés del Castillo Foundation and its director Guido del Castillo, the Belgian Cooperation, the area of ​​social responsibility of the Catholic University of Peru, the USEA from the US Embassy, ​​the Belgian association ESPERANZA and the architecture and urban planning company AOZ.

The pedagogical training of the School is fundamentally based on the learning and practice of the performing arts, but in parallel the proposal also includes: the Press and Communication course with the creation of newspapers, fanzine, shorts and photography exhibitions, construction of recycled wood toys and the construction and interpretation of a replica of pre-Hispanic instruments.

The Puckllay School was among the 11 finalists for the Integration and Solidarity award of RPP Noticias, as part of the initiatives that provide a significant contribution to the development of the country.

In 2012, the ART AND COMMUNITY FESTIVAL won the IBERESCENA award for the 2012 international edition.

Ximena Gutiérrez and Alfredo Anderson join the executive nucleus. With the support of the Belgian Cooperation and the department of the social area of ​​the PUCP, the «Ivone Barriga Community Library» and the «Guido del Castillo Plastic Arts Room» were built. Both spaces are used in various activities with projection to the community with socio-cultural, artisan, educational and reading promotion functions.

Within the framework of COP20, Puckllay wins the National Environmental Award, in the Environmental Citizenship category: Artistic expressions thanks to his project “K´ulluchauan toys in recycled wood, promoted by his teacher Fernando Rivas Pinto. .

In 2015, together with La Tarumba, the Community of Nueva Jerusalem could be included to benefit from the LED lighting of one of its sports tiles, thanks to financing from the IDB. In 2016 Puckllay won the Iber Cultura Viva Award for the MUNDO project, an artistic and educational exchange project between Brazil and Peru. In 2018 Puckllay is the winner of the Economic Stimuli promoted by the Ministry of Culture of Peru, with the projects: STEFAN A press and communication classroom for the community of Lomas de Carabayllo and CAMINOS Gira 2019. This same year the TROMPOS project is created Arte y Posibilidad Infinita, an art and solidarity project that brings together an important network of artists in the plastic intervention of a wooden spinning top, the project has two editions.

From 2016 to the present, the alliance is signed with the PRODIALOGO organization and currently several adolescents and young people graduated from the School of Art are part of the METROPOLITAN NETWORK OF YOUNG PEACE MULTIPLICATORS in which young people from Puckllay, Vichama, Kactus, La Mancha participate. -Workshop and Library of San Martín de Porres.

In 2020, within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Network of theaters and alternative spaces of Peru is created, where Puckllay is a founding member. This same year it receives support from the Ministry of Peru to be able to cushion the crisis due to the pandemic, support for equipment is also received from the Culture Points program of the Ministry of Culture of Peru for the year 2021 and an alliance is signed. With the educational platform SIE WEB, three cycles of workshops are held in virtual format. And in 2021 the prize for economic stimuli is won for the Zumballyu project «Comprehensive puppet project» so that it can be executed in 2022 and the KALEVI FIESTAS prize from Finland is won for the scenic project Aventuras en los Andes Mágicos which is currently being carried out with the adolescents of the last promotion.

The School of Art and its La Huaraca stage in Lomas de Carabayllo are the heart of all the projects promoted by Puckllay, everything is aimed absolutely at the child and youth population to which we owe ourselves and for whom we fight so that together we can build that country we dream of and deserve.


Alliances are concrete proof that it is possible to work together to achieve greater achievements, goals and generate opportunities for our children. It is for Puckllay an enormous pleasure to be able to count on the commitment, work and learn from the experience of each ally committed to the development of our country.

Anabelí Pajuelo


Anabelí Pajuelo Valdez nació en 1972 en Huancavelica Perú. Es creadora y directora de Puckllay, además es integrante y productora del grupo independiente de teatro Ópalo. Es Artista, productora y directora de espectáculos escénicos y gestora cultural. Con experiencia en gestión de instituciones culturales, artísticas y educativas en contextos comunitarios; y gestión y producción de festivales escénicos y culturales. Especialista en la confección y el estudio de la Máscara Peruana.

Se formó independiente en su país en los reconocidos espacios independientes: CUATROTABLAS, UMBRAL y YUYACHKANI

Dentro del grupo Ópalo ha sido actriz, mascarera, asistente, dramaturga y productora. Se ha encargado de producciones como: Antonio y Cleopatra (2004). Las Neurosis Sexuales de Nuestros Padres (2014) y CALIGULA (2014 y 2017) y ha participado como actriz en El Sueño de las Palomas (2002), El Profeta del Silencio (2003), Canto Rodado (2004) y El Astrágalo (2021). 

En Puckllay además de su rol como directora ha dirigido la mayor parte de las producciones: Aventuras en los Andes Mágicos (2007), CAMINOS (coproducción-2013). Kilómetro 34.5 (2015) y SILLAS (2019).  Acompaña y guía la coordinación pedagógica de los proyectos y los ciclos de talleres de la escuela de arte. Participa activamente en la creación, gestión y producción de los programas artísticos y pedagógicos de la Escuela, los Festivales de Arte y los proyectos solidarios de auto financiamiento como TROMPOS. 

De manera independiente tiene un trabajo reconocido en el campo de la enseñanza, investigación y confección de máscaras. Participa como intérprete escénica en trabajos de danza y movimiento con enfoque hacia la inclusión y la lucha contra el capacitismo.

Anabelí Pajuelo

Anabelí Pajuelo Valdez was born in 1972 in Huancavelica Peru. She is the creator and director of Puckllay, and is also a member and producer of the independent theater group Ópalo. She is an Artist, producer and director of stage shows and cultural manager. She with experience in the management of cultural, artistic and educational institutions in community contexts; her and management and production of scenic and cultural festivals. She is a specialist in the making and study of the Peruvian Mask. She trained independently in her country in the renowned independent spaces: CUATROTABLAS, UMBRAL and YUYACHKANI Within the Ópalo group she has been an actress, masquerade, assistant, playwright and producer. She has been in charge of productions such as: Antonio y Cleopatra (2004). The Sexual Neurosis of Our Parents (2014) and CALIGULA (2014 and 2017) and has participated as an actress in El Sueño de las Palomas (2002), El Profeta del Silencio (2003), Canto Rodado (2004) and El Astrágalo (2021) . In Puckllay, in addition to her role as director, she has directed most of the productions: Aventuras en los Andes Mágicos (2007), CAMINOS (co-production-2013). Kilometer 34.5 (2015) and CHAIRS (2019). She accompanies and guides the pedagogical coordination of the projects and workshop cycles of the art school. She actively participates in the creation, management and production of the School’s artistic and pedagogical programs, the Art Festivals and the self-financing solidarity projects such as TROMPOS. She independently has a recognized job in the field of teaching, research and mask making. She participates as a stage interpreter in dance and movement works with a focus on inclusion and the fight against capacitism.