Puckllay is a cultural association made up of committed art-educators and community managers, who, from a playful and creative approach, start up artistic and pedagogical processes in conjunction with the community of Lomas de Carabayllo, in order to contribute in the integral development of children and adolescents, turning them into leaders and agents of change.


All the projects promoted by Puckllay revolve around the School of Art and the child and youth population of Lomas de Carabayllo, it is the fundamental engine towards whom we owe ourselves and for whom we fight

The School

Permanent program of artistic and human training aimed at children, adolescents and young people in vulnerable situations.

The Festival

The festival promotes the development and dissemination of culture and the performing arts in community contexts, allowing access to the population of any sector.

La Huaraca

A scenic and alternative space for community projection located in Lomas de Carabayllo on the outskirts of Lima-Peru.


An art and solidarity project for the benefit of the Puckllay Art School, which brings together the work of plastic artists in the intervention of a wooden top.


Winning project of the National Environmental Award, which consists of the construction of toys and utilitarian objects using recycled wood.


The activities are part of each of the projects or are specific actions that help to specify, enrich or finance them. Each one of them complies with a series of actions and they are carefully selected, planned, organized and scheduled in the association’s annual calendar.


The workshops are mainly about performing arts, but they are also taught (...)


Each show performed is multidisciplinary and graduates of the (...)


Puckllay through the professional cast can design and offer artistic interventions (...)


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